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Volume 12, Number 1:

Issue 30, Winter 2000

Editor's Note
Carol A. Breckenridge
Grassroots Globalization and the Research Imagination
Arjun Appadurai
Present Pasts: Media, Politics, Amnesia
Andreas Huyssen
On Foot
Boubacar Touré Mandémory
On Wheels
Ralf D. Hotchkiss
Toward an Ethics of the Future
Jérôme Bindé
A Chinese Dream by Wang Jin
Wu Hung
Mediating Time: The "Rice Bowl of Youth" in Fin de Siècle Urban China
Zhang Zhen
Inside the Economy of Appearances
Anna Tsing
A Sweet Lullaby for World Music
Steven Feld
On the Uddered Breast
Prehistories of Globalization: Circassian Identity in Motion
Seteney Shami
On the Predicament of the Sign: The Modern African Woman’s Claim to Locality
Fatu Kande Senghor
From National Capital to Global Capital: Urban Change in Mexico City
Néstor García Canclini
Spatialities and Temporalities of the Global: Elements for a Theorization
Saskia Sassen
Globalizing the Regional, Regionalizing the Global: Mass Culture and Asianism in the Age of Late Capital
Leo Ching
At the Edge of the World: Boundaries, Territoriality, and Sovereignty in Africa


Visual "Literature" in Urban Senegal
Allen F. Roberts and Mary Nooter Roberts

from the field

Gothami Viharaya


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