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Volume 23, Number 1:

Issue 63, Winter 2011

Guest Editor's Letter
Janet Roitman


Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 1 — KaKuDji
Dominique Malaquais
Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 2 — Mowoso
Dominique Malaquais
Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 3 — Hervé Youmbi
Dominique Malaquais
Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Envoi
Dominique Malaquais

Doxa at Large

The Pauper’s Gift: Postcolonial Theory and the New Democratic Dispensation
Leela Gandhi
Excluding Muslim Women: From Hijab to Niqab, from School to Public Space
Sylvie Tissot


Postcolonial Studies: A Political Invention of Tradition?
Jean-François Bayart
Provincializing France?
Achille Mbembe
Colonial Aphasia: Race and Disabled Histories in France
Ann Laura Stoler


Bayart’s Broken Kettle
Robert J. C. Young
Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me Who I Am: Colonial Empire and French Identity
Marnia Lazreg
Racial France, or the Melancholic Alterity of Postcolonial Studies
Ranjana Khanna
The Return of the Native: Postcolonial Smoke Screen and the French Postcolonial Politics of Identity
Sandrine Bertaux
Postcolonizing France
Emilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas


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